Feeding the Unicorns...

Sugar Tubes


  • Angled Round Liner (1-3R, 3-5R, 7-9R, 9-14R)
  • Open Mag Shader (7M, 9M, 11M, 13M, 15M)
  • Cartridge Grip
  • 15 QTY per box


Sugar Tubes come with a true to size back stem and a thicker wall to help prevent flex, vibration and cracking that is so common in inferior products. The transparent Mint Tips are made from medical grade plastic, witch in turn makes for a smoother more rigid tip. The results of our higher quality tips is less drag. The tips on Sugar Tubes have a great inner well that allows ink to fill and flow nicely without any problems and easy washout. The Grip? Well the Grip has a great shape with a square ledge for better control while feeling great in your hand. The grip was designed to help with fatigue on your hands at 1.3 O.D. in size. Paired with Unicorn Horns we don’t think you could possibly go wrong. We hope you enjoy! 15 QTY per box.